living my why


Your WHY is your motivation.  It's your purpose.  It's the reason you do the things you do.  Almost any person or organization can tell you WHAT they do; some can tell you HOW.  But only the most fruitful people and organizations know--and make sure their decisions and actions flow from--their WHY.  Our church's vitality depends on all of us, individually and collectively, living our WHY.


To help determine your WHY, take the Spiritual Gifts Inventory below.  As you complete it and discover the area(s) in which you're gifted, pray for guidance as to how you might use those gifts to serve.

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With awareness of your giftedness, plugging into a ministry that helps you to live it out is essential to your WHY--and that of our church!  In the survey linked below, the three areas of our church's WHY--worship, education, and service--are represented, plus a fourth area for administration.  Look for your spiritual gift(s) under each area and then browse the ministries where you might serve!

Living My Why Survey: